Monday, May 17, 2010

Ah, the End

I graduated yesterday. Phew. Three years + 87 credits = 1 law degree. On a magnificent Sunday afternoon in Williamsburg, all the work, fun, and enlightenment of law school culminated in a wonderful commencement ceremony on the Sunken Garden, in the heart of the undergraduate campus of William & Mary. Sandra Day O'Connor gave the keynote address, advising the graduating class of 2010 to do public service and as lawyers, to "disagree agreeably," a fine piece of wisdom. Her speech and presence (she's the Chancellor of W&M) delighted us all, as evidenced by the bursting of flash bulbs when she took the podium.

There is much I will miss about this place, and about law school. First and foremost, the people. The friends I've made here are incredible people, and I am truly, decidedly excited to see how their futures develop. The moment commencement ended, we began fanning out all over the country, from D.C. to Dallas to L.A. to Portland, and many places in between. Of course a good chunk of us will stay in Virginia, even in Williamsburg for the summer to study for the Bar, as I will do. I will also miss the professors and other staff at the law school, who have added so much to this experience. Several professors have done so much for my friends and me that I can hardly express sufficient gratitude. Well, if you're reading, thank you.

So, what next? It's still up in the air. After the Bar, I'll work at a public defender's office in northern Virginia for at least ten weeks. Then there are several possible directions. I've interviewed for a job in Richmond that I should hear about soon, or I could find my way into a PD's office, or I could do something else entirely.

Wherever I land, I'm excited to be done, and to move on to the next phase of my life. Goodbye, Burg Law.

—Rob, J.D.

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foodforthought said...

congrats on the graduation. I can't wait til my degree is finished. We have some topics in common, check out my blog if you want. good luck in law.